Listen to HIM


While he was still  speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my son, whom I love; with his I am well pleased. LISTEN TO HIM” (Matthew 17:5)

During my study time a few days ago I read this verse and the very last sentence stuck out to me. A lot of times we hear the verse “this is my son who I am well pleased” repeated a lot, but I think “Listen to Him” is really the highlight. Jesus is the son of God whom God has placed at his right hand and given him all the power. He only does what he hears and sees the father do. That’s why it’s so important for us as believers to “listen to him”. He is our Lord. He is our Savior. He KNOWs the things that are to come in the future. Being led by the Holy Spirit and following his commands they are for our OWN GOOD and protection. Proverbs 23:23 instructs us to buy the Word and SELL IT NOT! Be sure to meditate on God’s Word and keep it in your heart so that the word may become your flesh.

Hmm….let’s think about that. What does it really mean for the word to become your flesh? We are spirit beings, we live in a body (made of flesh), and we possess a soul. Our soul is comprised of our mind, will and emotions. In the natural it is easy for us to live off the top of our mind, go with what emotion we are feeling at a time or another, however when you are so encompassed and submerged the Word of God you have a heart in submission to obey the Word and you allow the Word to take over your life and you believe the Word of God (truth) more than your physical flesh and soul.

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