The Best Man Holiday – * Godly CONTENTMENT*



I went to see it yesterday and I think it was a pretty good movie. I got a few great lessons from it.

#1) Godliness with contentment is gain is the #1 thing that came to mind as I viewed the film. The people in the film  are middle aged they had their ups and downs it reminded me to be content with where I am in life b/c different stages of life come with their own challenges.  I’m not going and neither will you “arrive” when you get to a certain place in life that you think you necessarily desire to be. Things don’t complete you, status will not complete you, and Jesus completes you and makes you whole, period. No matter how old we get, things we acquire, awards we win etc. we will not be happy if we cannot be happy with Just having JESUS CHRIST. We have no idea what life will bring our way, but we can be certain that there is nothing that faith in Jesus Christ cannot overcome. He is our life, literally.  Enjoy the journey of life, because it is not a sprint so it takes perseverance and endurance.

#2) Also give mercy to others. Matthew 9:13 Jesus  tells us that “I desire mercy, not sacrifice”.  Mercy is showing compassion and forgiveness toward someone even when you have the power to punish them or harm them.  We at all need mercy. God is merciful to us each and every day.  “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases   his mercies never come to an end;” Lamentations 3:22-23.  We exude Christ-like character when we overlook and evidence and give the gift of mercy to those who are around us.

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