Confessions of Ex-Marriage Crazed Christian Girl – Wait on God

dont rush


I remember shortly after becoming a born again Christian I became a little marriage crazed. Naturally if I’m not living a worldly single lifestyle I had the desire to have a Godly relationship and marriage that would be in God’s principles.  My past relationships had been sin-ridden and dysfunctional. While it’s a healthy desire to want to have spouse, it can become unhealthy bondage if you focus on it more than you focus on getting to know the Lord and the rest of his plans for your life. At one point I felt like THE REST OF MY LIFE WILL START when I get me “A HUSBAND”. But this is absolutely false. As a matter of fact it’s essential for us to have time alone with the father to get to know who we are in him and find out what our purpose is. Then God can connect us with someone who will be a part of bringing God’s plans to pass for both of yours lives.


I almost rushed into a marriage with this mindset that I NEED A HUSBAND. There were some red flag, but I ignored them because of fear of being alone and the gratification of having it now. Eventually because of all the hell that was breaking loose I decided to walk away and wait on the Lord.




If you take a look at the Book of Ruth, Ruth crossed paths with Boaz who became he wealthy husband, while she was in the field gleaning. She was sitting around waiting impatiently. It’s comforting to know that those who wait on the Lord who never be put to shame. God has promised us in his Word that if we wait for his best plan to be carried out in our lives we won’t be disappointed. Think about Abram and Sarah, God promised them a child from their own body. They started out in the spirit believing in faith, then when they didn’t see anything happen after 10 years they decide to come up with an alternative plan; they had Abraham impregnate their servant so they could have a child. Their child name was Ismael and he was a “wild donkey of a man”. Because of the mercy and sovereignty of God, even though they messed up and did that without the leading of the Holy Spirit, he still gave them their promise child, Isaac 10 years later. They waited 20 years for the promise.  Isaac went on to in the lineage of our Savior Jesus Christ. Kings came from their loins, and through faith we are all Abrahams heir with Christ. If someone is not of God you better, lose them, don’t stay in a relationship that is not of God, because you are afraid of being alone. God has his best reserved for you.

Give God time to work. Develop your spiritual gifts, natural gifts, talents etc. God is faithful to perform what he has said.


Wait Patiently

Wait Quietly

Wait Trusting

Wait Expectantly

Continue to serve the Lord with all your heart and draw near to him. Stand on God’s Word, it is your assurance.

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