Sometimes I ponder “What If”

What if Martin Luther King never realized that he had a dream and fought to see if come to pass?

What if Mali Music never wrote a song?

What if Christopher Columbus never decided to go explore…and discovered what now North America is.

What if Thomas Edison never invented the light bulb?

What if the pastors that led me to Christ never started their ministry?

We all are beneficiaries of these talents, dreams, discovers and innovations.


We’re now free to segregate with people of all races and the land is becoming a melting pot. When I’m in need of inspiration, getting through a hard day I turn on some Mali Music, Jesus culture, or Hillsong.

I live in a great country called America, land of the free, because of the Christopher Columbus’ courage and curiosity. I go home and turn on the lights so I can see, because of Thomas Edison. If they never started their ministry, where would I be? Somewhere in darkness, a sheep without a Shepard.


These people have made and are making contributions to society.


I ask you the question? What are you called to contribute? Don’t hold back what you are meant to put into the world to impact, help, inspire and literally change the life of this generations …and those to come.


What are you going to do…the real question is WHO ARE YOU? If you don’t know, turned to Jesus Christ and find out. God created you and he has something specific and glorious in mind when you were created. (Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:19, Jeremiah 33:3)


Don’t let the devil cause you to doubt what you are called to do. I’m sure some people thought Martin Luther King Jr. was crazy or delusional, but he had a dream. That dream is note profiting generations. Do what you are called to do.



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