EYES OF GRACE Perspectives: Do you have people in your life that drive you nuts?

People in your life that really “grind your gears” and try your patience are present to show your how real the grace of God is.

The other day I was walking around in Walmart. I was in the home appliance section trucking slowly as I gazed at the new zebra print chairs on the shelves, wondering if it would look good in the corner in my room. I was also simultaneously thought about how peaceful and quiet the store was on this Sunday afternoon. There were few people in the aisle and felt like I finally had serenity after a long week of dealing with roommates that played loud unwelcomed music, left milk out on the counter, dishes in the sink etc. As a young adult I’ve found myself living with various roommates at times, which can be positive or negative experience depending on the personality types and being on the same pages as far as respect is concerned. Which some have made me want to run for the border while pulling my hair out?

As you read this I’m pretty sure you can recall moment when you dealt with a roommate, friends, child or sibling that drove you crazy. At times you may have thought I don’t know how I’m going to do this, I can’t take it anymore. Frustration and agitation can built up and you can even think of ways of cutting them out of your life. While there in Walmart God imparted in me to get a fresh perspective, when someone is getting on your nerves and you aren’t reacting by running away from them or the situation you are growing in his grace. You are also extending grace to others. It easy to see how God has saved you by faith through grace and given you grace to walk in word. On the other hand, when you are dealing with other people in which you are not in control of their actions it can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness. Or you can CHOOSE to look for God’s presence in the situation. As you continue this week I want to challenge you to look at the thorns in your life with a NEW PERSPECTIVE. God’s grace is being extended so that you can withstand these people and this my friends also grows your character.

Whoop whoop for growth and progress! (Does a dance).


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