Choice Pearls by Jasmine Doster AVAILABLE NOW

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Choice Pearls, my 2nd book inspired by the Holy Spirit.

September 29th – 30th we are running a free kindle download promotion. CLICK Below to get your copy NOW:

cp front cover

You are Precious, Priceless, and Preserved! You are Christ‘s prized possession! You may not feel that way now, which is one reason you may have picked up this book. Jasmine Doster shares truths that will empower you to overcome rejection and reclaim your dignity.

Get ready to unleash your inner pearl. You are a choice pearl.
Discover your unique radiance
Learn the 4 Keloid complexes resulting from rejection
Learn the 5 Pearls of Womanhood

In a comical and conversational tone, Doster shares her testimonies and experience with rejection, restoration, and freedom. Biblical truths restore women and gives them confidence to be who they were truly created to be in Christ Jesus.

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