4 Ways to Combat Boredom

So, recently I went on short road trip to Myrtle Beach. I personally love to travel. Being in new environments, seeing new places, experiencing culture is something I enjoy, it soothes my soul. On my trip to Myrtle Beach I walked around the Broadway on the Beach shopping area and I ate at a restaurant with all you can eat crab legs (delish).  When we headed back on the road o tog home the ride is approximately 2 hours. Since I ate ALL I COULD EAT at the restaurant was pretty full when I got in the car to dive home. However, riding in the car can be plain boring, un-engaging, because the only thinking you can do is look straight ahead and keep your foot on the gas until you reach your destination. I noticed that I started to snack on some Girl Scout cookies I had in the car, just to help pass time.  It helped me deal with my last of engagement while driving. Then I received a greater revelation about lack of engagement. Oftentimes myself and I’m sure many others over eat, because they aren’t engaged.

According to wikihow, “Boredom is more than not having anything to do. In fact, people feel bored when they want stimulation but can’t connect to what’s around them. Boredom is that feeling of dissatisfaction that comes when you can’t engage with yourself or your environment”. (Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Avoid-Eating-When-You’re-Bored)

Engagement is a healthy thing. It’s worst to be somewhere with something to do and still not be engaged or connected.

  1. Work on your passion everyday
  2. Take a genuine interest in others.
  3. Turn off the social media and live in the real world. Have limits, check your messages once or twice a day.
  4. Speak to God throughout the day, don’t block prayer off as something you do in the morning, before eating or before bed. God is just like you and me, he has emotions. Try including God in decisions. Engage the Holy Spirit, he is on the inside of you. You will be more sensitive to the spiritual realm around you when you are in constant communion with the Holy Spirit. A great book on this is “Practicing God’ Presence 24/7” : www.amazon.com/Practicing-Gods-Presence-24-7/dp/1624192394

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