Oh What a Savior ….Blessed Assurance

saving grace

“For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” – Luke 19:10

Oh how I love saving grace of God. The love that pursues, the grace that forgives, the Word that transforms. A sign of true Love is the pursuit. Don’t get it twisted, God loves you and he’s chosen you to be his own. God is a head over heels lover. He loves hard. He knew in order to win your heart he would have to make a move and pursue you with his Love.

Love will seek the lost at any cost. Even when you reject him he’s still there, ready and available to hear your prayer. He’s ready to save you. Jesus Christ is waiting for your heart to be available, your arms to be open to embrace his Love and hands ready to receive his leading and guidance.

You no longer have to be lost and confused the Holy Spirit is here to guide you. Start this with a fresh breathe of grace. Be happy about the simple fact that you are alive in Christ because he came to save you.
God’s will is that all men come to the knowledge of Christ. He does not want a single soul to be lost, but it’s up to us to choose him. We can know about God, we can hear about Jesus, we can hear about Love, but until we say yes to our pursuer (God) we continue to be lost like a sheep without a Shepard. It’s kind of like going to the mall to catch a sale at Macy’s. We can hear about the sale on the radio, see coupons in the sale paper, even show up to the mall, but if we just wonder around the mall being distracted or enamored with other things we miss the sale. We lose out. We are lost…until we are actually inside of Macys partaking of the sale. Today choose if you’re going to abide in Jesus and straight forward decide to accept the salvation truly …FULLY. Don’t just hang around Jesus (or Macy’s in this case) but never make it in to partake of his goodness.
Today’s Prayer: Lord, I pray that you will remove every distraction that would cause me to resist your Love for me. I thank you for sending Jesus Christ to bridge the gap between you and I. Today I want to focus on you like never before. I pray that your Love overtake me so that my life can never be the same again, In Jesus name, Amen.

This is an excerpt from my latest book The Vine Devotions. Available for Purchase Here: http://ow.ly/KGqhX


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