It’s the Little Things that you think don’t matter…

Little Foxes


Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.

– Songs of Solomon 2:15 NIV

Today the Lord tarries his coming but there will be a day when the Lord tarries no more. We want to make sure that we are on guard. Guard our lives, our spirit, and our souls from destruction. The enemy can be so subtle when he tries to creep into your life. He’s a wretched snake with cunning ways. Oftentimes the devil knows you’re not stupid enough to do blatantly sin, so he uses small “foxes”. These small things can be thoughts that birth habits or relationships that lead to sprinkles of perversity to look for a door to your heart.

Sinful thoughts lead to sinful actions, sin gives birth to death. This is a gradual process. For example, rat poison is used to capture an unwanted rodent in a building. When the rat approaches the poison tablet it first sees it and probably thinks something like, “Yes, that looks great it’s exactly what I like, let me get a piece of this”. Then it bites into the tablet and it taste great , but there is something called anti-coagulant mixed in that depleted the vitamin k stored in the rodent’s system , other chemicals are also released to cause internal bleeding and the vitamin k causes the rodent blood not to clot, then it dies after one or two days.

This happens to humans when little foxes are allowed in the garden. Solomon insists on catching the little foxes before they spoil the sweet fruit that is blossoming. Let’s say we’ve given our life to Christ , we’ve decided that we want to live God’s way, we surrender the big things ,but we’re okay with just a “white lie”, just a little drink, just a little fornication, a little bad attitude . A little of this and that opens the door to that internal bleeding from the damage it does. An inner destruction can start with just a little.  A cake batter’s substance is changed from just a little egg.

Today ask God to show you where there may be any small foxes in your life. Don’t allow the good fruit that is being developed in you to be spoiled by some wrong thinking and habits. We grow spiritually when we are rooted in good ground. We want to flourish and grow that become like a tree that constant bears good fruit. Renew your mind and choose to think what the Word of God says. What your mind thinks is what you will follow.

Today’s Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, open my eyes to see any small foxes in my life. I repent and turn away from anything that will hinder my spiritual growth. I place your Word as my first and finally authority. In Jesus name, Amen.

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