Principle of Best

Excerpt from my latest book “God’s Best in Love and Life. 

When I hear the word best I think of being number one in a competition or having quality that’s better than the rest. The question is what really makes something the best? Who determines if something is better than another option? In school the valedictorian in the one person that had the best grades, the highest grade point average in their class.

So based on the standards of the school the teachers determine what is “best”. In the dictionary “best” is described as most excellent, effective or desirable type. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “best” as better than all the others in quality or value. The superlative of “best” most productive of good: offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility or satisfaction.

When I call someone my best friend it’s usually someone I like to spend time with the most and we connect well. Our friendship isn’t something forced. We can go months without talking and remain connected. We can be in the same room and communicate with facial expressions because we know each other so well.

Shaping Your World Through Prayer:

I believe we can shape our world through prayer. There is such a powerful force in spoken word. Now I’m not saying if you say I have $10 Million dollars under my mattress 10 times that it will appear. However, when you stand on the word of God, your heart is pure and you seek for his will to be done in your life you can see transformation. Your own belief in God’s promises, faith and putting your faith in action through prayer will cause change. It is guaranteed. Isaiah 55:11 , says “God’s word will not return unto him void”.

Posture yourself in faith and humility. In the book Prayer Driven Life by  Robert Ho, Robert proclaims “God wants you to live a supernatural life. One of the main common denominators of great men and women of God is that they were all great prayer warriors. You cannot change the world on your own strength. Unless you humble yourself in prayer, and rely on God’s power, you can only do what’s humanly possible. At the end of your life you will wonder, “That was it?” Without God, your life will be only earthly, natural and predictable; it won’t be supernatural. You reap what you sow. As you begin, I want to invite you to this incredible supernatural life –fashioned by God and through your prayer.”

We want the best ,but oftentimes we don’t want to pay the best price. I sometimes joke about being cheap, I’m really not cheap but I’m a bargain shopper. Out of wisdom I like to get the very best I can for the least possible price unless it’s something I really want and value.


For example, if you know anything about hair weaves there are different types. There are synthetics, human hair remy, wigs, lace closures , silk based closures.  Prices can range from $10 to $200. For example, closures are made in the lace closure and silk based closure. A lace closure may cost $40.  A silk-based closure looks like an actual scalp, they are made to be more durable and cost $100 -$150 alone. Silk based closures are the most expensive. Oftentimes we want the best results for the bargain bin price.  Any weave wearer knows if you want the look to last and look good while it’s in its best to go ahead and pay the price, unless you plan on only a short term hairstyle.

Just like in relationships or even a career if you don’t pay the price it won’t last.



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