God’s Best in Love and Life



Are you frustrated with your love life? Are you having trouble with trusting God? The time between faith and the promise can be disheartening. Well, struggle no more!

Jasmine Doster shows how to transition from feeling weary and confused to walking in confidence through prayer. You cannot change your world in your own strength. However, you can shape your destiny with faith and prayer. God hears your prayers and he will answer them. This book is filled with powerful prayers for God’s best in LOVE and LIFE. Breakthrough stagnancy, loneliness and dead end relationships. Relationships either distract or edify your life. You deserve a relationship that will catapult you into your divine destiny.

Learn why you should believe for God’s Best.
Discover how to deal with desires in a godly way.
Learn how to pray for a marriage that is in alignment with God’s will.
Learn how to finally live God’s dream for your life.

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The Young Fly Sanctified Lifestyle 



This book is a guide to living the Young Fly & Sanctified Lifestyle. Learn how to go higher in your relationship God, successfully live set apart in a dark world, take your place in the Body of Christ, and ultimately fulfill your divine assignment . Jasmine uncovers the necessary steps to take in order to completely surrender your life to God by walking in purity. Jasmine also shares her personal testimony and experiences regarding her salvation through Jesus Christ and how her life has been forever changed by embracing a lifestyle of repentance, purity and purpose. What we do everyday with our time is ultimately our lifestyle. Making a commitment to living a lifestyle of repentance, purity and purpose allows us to be prepared for every good work thus resulting in the a fulfilling life that is a blessing to others.

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The Vine Devotions: The Richness of Abiding in Christ



The VINE Devotions will provide a deeper understanding of what it truly means to abide in the Christ and is filled with encouragement for believers to endure, remain and allow God to set them apart for his divine glory. Prior to becoming a Christian in 2010, Jasmine vigorously pursued being a music video Vixen and eye candy model. There was a time when she regularly attended church and performed religious rituals. She even considered herself a Christian but she was not abiding in Christ. Doster wrote this book because knows there are men and women out there who are lost just like she was.

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Choice Pearls: Rare, Preserved, Precious, Priceless



You are Precious, Priceless, and Preserved! You are Christ’s prized possession! You may not feel that way now, which is one reason you may have picked up this book. Jasmine Doster shares truths that will empower you to overcome rejection and reclaim your dignity.

Get ready to unleash your inner pearl. You are a choice pearl.
Discover your unique radiance
Learn the 4 Keloid complexes resulting from rejection
Learn the 5 Pearls of Womanhood

In a comical and conversational tone, Doster shares her testimonies and experience with rejection, restoration, and freedom. Biblical truths restore women and gives them confidence to be who they were truly created to be in Christ Jesus

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Crushing Cliches about Christian Dating



Jasmine uncovers 5 common myths about Christian dating and relationships. 6 Things you should do while looking for love and specific prayer points you can pray to get alignment with God’s will and find the love you desire.

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Miss Noble Beauty Leadership Institute Workbook



The Miss Noble Beauty Leadership Institute. The leadership institute program is designed to teach teens and young women about purity, leadership, purpose, and financial literacy through boot camps. We are equipping empowering young women to know their worth and walk in their royalty as beauty queens inside and out.

​Bring Miss Noble Beauty Leadership Bootcamp to your organization. By simply purchasing this workbook and video set and administering the sessions for your (school, church etc.) young ladies.

Workshop 1: Abstinence & Purity for Leaders
Workshop 2: Purpose & Vision for Leaders
Workshop 3: Developing Leadership Potential
Workshop 4: Modesty – The Queen in You
Workshop 5 : Business NO1: Professionalism
Workshop 6: Financial Literacy
Discipleship: Intro to Discipleship
Discipleship: New Creature
Discipleship: Relationship
Discipleship: Reading God’s Word
Discipleship: Build Your Prayer Life

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